VetFolio Tutorials: How Do I Add My Practice Staff to VetFolio?

If your Practice signed up for a VetFolio subscription, you’ll need to add your staff members to your account so each individual can take advantage of everything VetFolio offers.
Here’s a quick step-by-step guide that will help you do that. 

1. Log into your VetFolio account at You will need to be an Administrator on the account in order to manage staff members. 

2. Under  My VetFolio select the "Add Staff Members (Administrators Only)" option

Add Staff Members Image

  3. Click the  Manage Practice Members option.  Note: If you are an administrator, and you do not see this option, your subscription may be expired. Contact for assistance.

VetFolio Manage Practice Members Screenshot

4. You will see your Company Information and any staff currently added to the Subscription. Please note - as the admin you will NOT show up in this list, but you do not need to add yourself. Administrators directly inherit subscription access and do not need to be added as practice staff. To add a new staff member, Click the “Fill an available slot” link under Current Members.

Fill A Slot Image

5. Type the  Last Name  of the individual you wish to add, and hit Enter or the up arrow to the right of the text field. This searches our existing user base to see if they already have an account in our system.

Enter Staff Name Image

6. The results will look like this. If there are numerous results, you can add the first name to the text field and hit the magnifying glass to narrow down your search results.

Staff Search Results Image

For example - I typed 'Mary Hannah' in front of the last name and then clicked the gold magnifying glass to narrow the search result. (Note:The search is exact. If the user has a hyphen in their name but it's left out of the search or vice versa, the search will not locate them)

Narrow Down Search Image

If the search yields the correct result, click on the name in the columns returned, then click on the blue 'Add as Member' button at the bottom:

Add As Member Image

They will then show up in the Current Member list:

New Current Member List Image

7.  If your search does not yield any results, you will need to close out of the search window by clicking the X in the upper right corner (outlined in red below). 

Staff Does Not Exist Image

8. In the window that's still open, click on the underlined "add them" text to add the user to our database (do not type anything into the Customer Search field). The "Add as Member" button will be grayed out at this point - clicking it will not work. You need to click the underlined text outlined and pointed to in the image below.

Add Them Link Image

 This will bring up a new window that will ask you to type in their First Name, Last Name and Email address. DO NOT ADD DEGREE INFO TO THEIR LAST NAME (e.g., CVT, DVM, etc) Once you have entered that information, click the blue Add button at the bottom.

Add a New Staff Member Entry Box Image

This will add the new users to your staff roster list, and also generate an email to the address you've entered welcoming them to VetFolio with their username and password to access the site.

New Staff Member Addded to Roster Image

Once your staff members have logged in the first time, encourage them to go to My VetFolio, fill out their profiles, and change their passwords if they would like to create something easier to remember. 

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